SSL CipherSuite

Just read a nice article on speeding up SSL operations on Apache. There were a number of different techniques proposed but the one that caught my eye – being immediately usable – was to replace the ciphers with faster ones.

Security has always been a game of trade-offs. In this case, trading off ciphers with higher security and larger keys with smaller and faster ones. As long as it provides a sufficient amount of security, not everyone needs AES256.

So, after configuring Apache away from AES256 to using RC4 instead, I got about a 20% performance boost in the sense that I could now have increased concurrency since the server was now able to process the SSL connections faster.

This got me thinking about embedded security. I think that for embedded servers, like those found on routers and such, using something like RC4-SHA would be more than sufficient for protecting something like password logins from casual snooping. These small embedded devices are just not made for serving highly secure services – unless they came with hardware accelerators.

Something to think about further.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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