FreeNAS with D410PT

I bought myself a D410PT and 1GB of DDR2-800 memory yesterday for only RM290! I decided to use it to build a better NAS for my home. However, there were some issues and I thought that I should note them down here.

Power Supply
My first problem was the ATX power supply. For this purpose, I decided to use an old 120W power supply that I had lying around from an old VIA machine. Turns out that it only had 20 pins while the D410PT had a new 24 pin power socket. However, with some research I found out that the extra 4 pins were not strictly necessary as they were there for extra current. Seeing that this is a low-power design, the extra current was not quite necessary. According to the D410PT user manual, it only takes up 40W under full load with a bunch of devices connected. So, safe.
Network Chip
Another problem happened when I started up FreeNAS. It could not load up the built-in network. Turns out that the chipset used on the D410PT was not recognised by FreeNAS 0.7.1 (latest stable). However, after using the latest nightly build (5266), the link activated. So, I was able to get the network working. Unfortunately, the D410PT only has a 100Mbps chip but that is good enough for my home NAS.
Old Config
At first, I tried importing the old config backup from my previous 0.6.9 server but that caused more problems than it solved. It made it difficult to make configuration changes as the 0.7.2 server would complain about config errors. I guess that something must have changed in between. So, I ended up resetting the configuration and doing all of it manually. The trickiest part was to make sure that the old drives that I moved over from the old machine did not get reformatted or deleted by accident. Otherwise, it worked fine.

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Chip Doctor, Chartered Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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