Physical Programming #105: Duffy Objects

I ended up giving a short 1-hour lecture at work today, about object-oriented programming. OOP is a confusing enough paradigm as it is without having to indoctrinate my kids with more behind the scenes stuff. However, over the course of actually explaining to them about OOP, I came to realise that the reason why I understand OOP better than them is because I understand physical programming.

So, I thought to myself, it would be useful to include a chapter in my book on OOP – a behind the scenes picture.

Then, while reading stuff on the Internet today, I came across something called Duff’s Device. It is something that I had learned about a while ago but had forgotten. And again, I realise that it is a problem only to people who do not understand physical programming aspects as well. Again, it will make a good example chapter for my book.

Seems like I will have to expand the physical programming aspects to include lots of behind-the-scenes examples of common operations.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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