Streamyx Modem Hack

I recently installed a new Streamyx package at my office. It came with a free Riger WL108 modem which was quite limited. The configuration options available were appalling and the security of the device was non-existent. It was just using WEP and it took me under 2-minutes to crack the keys.

However, what is not often documented is that the modem is capable of much more as there is a hidden administrative function. Just login to the modem as tmadmin:tmadmin and the system will expose all sorts of goodies.

Wireless Security
Look under Wireless – Security and we can enable WPA2, both the PSK and EAP versions are available. I set mine to PSK as I wanted to use it as a public access wifi for authorised personnel.

Look under Advanced Setup – NAT – DMZ Host and we can specify a DMZ host to use. I love this option as it will allow me to remotely login to my office network and access certain services from anywhere in the world. This will be very useful as a VPN entry for road-warriors.

Dyamic DNS
Look under Advanced Setup – DNS – Dynamic DNS and we can configure it to talk to any of the dynamic DNS services available. As my office network is on a dynamic IP, this will be handy to access my office network using a domain name instead.

There is a lot more stuff that can be configured and a lot of capabilities are actually built into the modem, just not enabled nor accessible from the regular user access menu.

So, I was able to get a lot of advanced features working without going out to buy a new modem. I was actually contemplating this and am glad that I will be able to save up the RM100 or so instead.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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