Anonymous vs Aaron Barr

Personally, I used to think that Anonymous were just a bunch of kids doing dumb stuff since their attacks have largely been limited to DDoS attacks against targets. DDoS attacks do not reflect any sort of sophistication and can be done by just any dumb hick with access to the right resources.

However, their latest attack on the security company HBGary is quite another thing altogether, and deserves some respect. From the Ars feature article on the story, I found that Anonymous has been right to act and to do it with some sophistication and class. While I still think that they’re a bunch of kids, at least they’ve got their heads screwed on right.

When someone threatens your life, you have every right to beat them down hard. I totally support the kind of action that they took against the security expert.

This is another lesson that we security types should learn, that security is a never ending cat-and-mouse game where the role of predator and prey can swap places constantly. Personally, I know some basics on security too and as one of the top sys-admins at Serverfault, I have to also keep a watchful eye on the dozens of servers that I administer.

However, it is not so easy to stay on top of the game because I am learning new things all the time, and have to do that to stay ahead. However, I know full well what my limits are and that I may be good, but I am most certainly not the best at the game. However, that’s fine with me because I do not sell my services as a security expert. I am a chip designer and embedded engineer. Knowing some security does help even at the chip level.

Hmm. Maybe it’s a good business idea to design ‘security chips’??

Hats off to Anonymous! Keep up the good work!

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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