NAT64 and DNS64

I have been investigating options for moving my network to a pure IPv6 stack. The main issue here is ensuring that there is still connectivity to the IPv4 Internet after the move. The best options that I have found that support this configuration is the NAT64/DNS64 stack.

Setting this up was a bit of a head-ache as the documentation was lacking for Tayga on Linux as a NAT64 router. That said, I had to follow the example strictly and I was able to replicate things on my OpenWRT 12.09 router.

Setting up the DNS64 settings was much easier and things worked after that. I was able to ping and connect to the IPv4 world on my pure IPv6 network. Unfortunately, I had trouble connecting to the IPv6 Internet instead. Thing is that my Internet connection is still pure IPv4.

So, I’m now investigating the possibility of running a DNS server that will not forward AAAA record lookups but things do not look good. There doesn’t seem to be any DNS server built with that feature. Looks like I’m going to have to roll my own.

I might have to look at the feasibility of modifying the TOTD source, once I can find it though.